Owner and President

Pacific Rug Gallery (PRG) is a story about how an entrepreneur created an enterprise that grew from a modest beginning back in Tehran, Iran to become one of the success stories of Persian and Oriental rug industry here in Canada.
The company traces its roots to the late 1970s, when Hossein Daliri, at a very young age, took upon himself to learn the true artistry of creating high-quality Persian rugs, while attending school at night to further his education. It was during his earlier years as a teen that he mastered the art of Persian Rug creation and reconstruction. Recorded as the youngest importer and exporter of Persian rugs in Iranian Persian rug industry, Hossein took charge and pressed on aiming for higher standards in creating masterpieces at Tehran’s majestic Grand Bazar. He has now become a skillful professional.
It was in early 2005 that his family left their native Iran to settle on the beautiful surroundings of North Vancouver, BC.
Today, PRG is proud to be the most elegant and beautiful Rug Gallery of lower mainland. With emphasis on one of a kind art pieces and with a passion to offering a true customer service experience, rarely seen in this industry; PRG is a destination for many renowned Vancouver interior designers on the North shore offering exceptional selection of rugs as well as client rug repair and cleaning.
Hossein is very grateful to his host country for providing him with opportunities for pursuing his passion in creating a unique environment where he can share his love for masterpieces created all around the world.

Our Business Manager

Mr. Shahab Pezeshk; educational and work background has allowed him to become well-rounded in interacting with people. His focus is on time management and organization. He takes pride in providing a unique customer experience to our clients at Pacific Rug Gallery.
He aims to use his knowledge of Persian and diverse types of hand-made rugs to help our clients find what they need. Over the last few years he has gained valuable expertise on a wide variety of rugs and how they are woven, cleaned, repaired and restored. He provides details about the patterns, designs, and different qualities of rugs to our clients.