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    Professional Cleaning

    The most important step in properly hand-washing an area rug is the dust removal process during which a rug is hung and beaten on both sides to remove the dust particles trapped in the pile of the rug. This process alone helps to loosen the fibres (especially in wool piles) of the rug, which in turn, makes washing the rug easier and more successful. Once the dust removal is complete, the rug is thoroughly cleaned, using water and environmentally safe and approved soaps and shampoos. All of this work is completed by the talented and experienced hands of our staff that have cleaned thousands and thousands of area rugs from all around the world. After the cleaning is complete, the water must be completely removed from the rugs using special equipment to ensure that the colors stay intact and vibrant when the rug is completely dry. The drying process is completed by hanging the rugs and letting them air dry naturally in our facilities for the best results.

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    Stain/Odor Removal

    Stain/Odor removal depend on the type of stain or odor. This process must be done after the cleaning is complete. Natural materials are used to remove all kinds of stains and odors resulting from pets or objects.


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