Rug Sale Repairs Victoria

Enjoy The Best Quality Hand Wash Rug Washing Service in Victoria

You are welcome to get served by the experts of “Pacific Rug Gallery” for your rug sale Repair requirement across Victoria of Canada and nearest cities & USA. Our most famous rug washing method through hand-wash process is conducted with our own important & eco-friendly cleaning materials.

The rug cleaning steps START with dirt separation through which the dirt components are removed from the jumble of the rug and then the rugs are hand cleaned using water and specific washing materials. The jumble of the rugs should be brushed carefully by hand to make holes through the central part of the rug assisting to clean the jumble and base. Then the edges of the rugs are washed neatly and are dried up normally before last check is done and the cleaned rugs are handed over to the owner with thankful feedback.

Looking for experts in carpet repair and cleaning services?

We have experts who are highly experienced in this Carpet Repair & cleaning services field and have participated in huge numbers of rug restoration services around the world for last 40 years.

Our experienced rug restoring experts operates all repairs and restoration works through normal procedures all handled by hand. Beginning of binding and edge repair or replacement to improve the restoration of spoiled part and stubborn dirt elimination, we are provisioned to perform what it requires to recover any rug.

Have a talk with us for your requirement and our expert will reach you instantly within the Victoria area of Canada and nearby Cities.

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