Rug Sale Repairs Spring Island

Excellent Hand Wash Method Followed to Clean The Carpet Perfectly in Spring Island

We, at Pacific Rug Gallery, are the most popular service providers in the field of Rug sale repair and provide service up to an overseas benchmark. We have won a bigger reputation than our competitors through simple hand-wash process in Spring Island of Canada and nearby cities & USA. We apply our own vital & bio-friendly washing materials to make our Rug cleaning activities more productive.

In the first process of the Carpet Repair and Cleaning Services we separate dirt particles from the stack of the carpet and then wash the carpets by hand using water and special washing materials. We, then brush the carpets softly to bore through the central area of the Rug helping to clean the stack and base. The next process is to dry up the cleaned carpets by hanging in the sunlight or air normally before the last observation is conducted and the cleaned carpet is given back to the owner with a satisfactory feedback.

Call Us And Have The Best Quality Rug Repair & Restoration Services at Discounted Offer

Our most experienced Rug Repair experts get finished all restoration & repairs processes through the general methods all accomplished by hand. They perform all works like tying and border replacement or repairing to progress damage preservation and everlasting dirt elimination to recover any rug. Our Rug Restoration specialists have a great experience of around 40 years in the Rug Restoration Services field and have participated in many rug repairing activities across the Spring Island of Canada & USA satisfactorily.

Feel free to contact us (604) 986-8585 for an exciting Rug Cleaning & Repairing services forever. Our service will win your heart.

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