Rug Sale Repairs Richmond

Hand Wash Area Rug Cleaning Richmond

At Pacific Rug Gallery, we provide broad scope of rug sale Repair services across Richmond and nearest cities of Canada. We expertise in standardize rug cleaning through hand-wash procedure. Our own demanding & eco-friendly products are used in this process to wash rugs.

The rug cleaning procedure BEGINS with dust elimination through which the dust particles are eliminated from the bundle of the rug and then the rugs are hand-washed by water and specific cleaning products perfectly. The bundle of the rugs needs to be carefully hand washed by brushes to bore through the center of the rug aiding to wash the bundle and base. Succeeding in this procedure, the edges are washed and the rugs are swung to be dried up genuinely before last inspection is conducted and the cleaned rug is handed over to the customer with expectation of satisfactory feedback.

Excellent Carpet Repair and cleaning services in Richmond

Our experienced Carpet repairing experts accomplish all repairs and restoration through standardize procedures all conducted by hand only. Beginning from wrapping and edge repair or substitution to enhance spoiled part restoration and permanent stain elimination, we are endowed to perform what it needs to preserve any rug. Our Repairing experts have more than 40 years of experience in this Repairing & Restoration field and have attended thousands of rug restoration services around the globe successfully.

Call us anytime 24×7 hours for any emergency assistance! Our Rug repairing expert will be there in Richmond or nearest cities within short span of time. We perform high quality Carpet Repair and cleaning services at affordable prices.

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