Rug Sale Repairs Galiano Island

Get Excellent Rug Cleaning Services Through Hand Wash Method at Discounted Price in Galiano Island

We, at Pacific Rug Gallery, dedicate best quality Rug sale repair services up to an overseas benchmark. We have earned the incredible reputation in Galiano Island of Canada & USA for our best quality rug washing service through Hand-wash process. We use only our own potential & environmentally friendly washing materials to make our rug washing service more attractive.

In the first step of the Rug washing, the dirty things will be emitted from the mound of the rugs and then the rugs are washed through water and potential cleaning materials. In the next step, we wash the mound of the rugs normally to make a way to the main region of the rugs proceeding to wash the mound and base. Following these steps, the edges are cleaned neatly and the rugs are dried up naturally before a last inspection is done and the rug is returned back to the owner with a satisfactory feedback.

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Our highly experienced Rug cleaning experts get finished all repairs and restoration works through the unique techniques all controlled by hand. From Binding and edge recovery for progress damage fixing and everlasting odd spot dismissal, we are furnished to perform what it needs to restore any rug. Our Rug Restoration experts have huge experience more than 40 years in this field of rug restoration services worldwide satisfactorily.

We are ready to help you instantly within Galiano Island and other nearby area of Canada.

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