Rug Sale Repairs Burnaby

Excellent Carpet Repair And Cleaning Services Through Hand Wash Method

At Pacific Rug Gallery, we endeavour Carpet sale & repair services up to a global benchmark. We are the most popular hand-wash carpet cleaning service provider in Burnaby and nearest area of Canada cities. The use of our preferable & Bio-friendly products makes our rug cleaning service more effective.

The initial step of the rug washing STARTS with dirt removal through which the sludge particles are emitted from the heap of the rug and then the hand-wash of rugs will be conducted by water and particular cleaning products. The heaps of the rugs need to be brushed softly to drill through the central region of the rug assisting to clean the heap and base. The next step is to swing the washed rugs in the sunlight or air and dried it up normally before the last observation is conducted and the cleaned rug is taken over by the customer with a great satisfaction.

High Quality Rug Sale Repair & Restoration Services In Affordable Prices

Our well experienced experts finish all repairs and restoration activities through the genuine methods all operated by hand only. From tying and border repair to enhance damage retrieval and long-lasting dirt removal, we are furnished to perform what it required to recover any rug. Our Repairing & Restoration specialists have a great experience of 40 years or more in the field of Repairing & Restoration and have attended lots of rug restoration services successfully.

For any emergency requirement regarding Rug repairing services, you are most welcome to call us any time within 24×7 hours. Our experts reach you at the earliest possible.

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